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What is Bodylogix Cleanse?

This cleanse is part of an entire Detox System which contains the main cleanse, but also a Liquid Detox Purifier that is simply a 2 day regimen that allows for an easier, gentler cleanse. This is a great alternative if the main cleans is simply too harsh on your body. Or, if you’re new to cleanses and aren’t quite ready to commit to the full seven days of a cleansing regimen.

The main cleanse, however, sounds like serious business, as it is a 7 day cleanse that is found in capsule form. These capsules are supposed to be taken in doses of five at lunch and five at dinner. But, if you’re someone who likes to lunch or dine at different times each day, Bodylogix is not the cleanse for you since they strongly caution against ingesting more than 10 pills in a 24-hour period, meaning that you must keep a strict eating schedule.


For the most part, Bodylogix uses ingredients that can be found in nature, which shouldn’t be that hard of a feat considering how many people stumble upon nature’s laxative unintentionally. One of their ingredients, Lactospore, is derived solely from fermented milk and was formulated because of some curious side effects from Balkan buttermilk.


Despite their gentler, natural ingredients, Bodylogix does contain plant-derived substances that pack a little more punch. Senna, for example, is considered a stimulant laxative, meaning that it will stimulate the muscles of the colon and the large intestine, doing nothing for the flexibility or mobility of the actual stool. This is bad news for anyone with less regular bowel movements because it can only worsen the symptoms of constipation.


Because of the severity of adverse reactions that can be had from stimulant laxatives like Senna, it is best to consult your physician before purchasing a cleanse like Bodylogix.

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