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What is Total Cleanse?

Described as an advanced internal cleansing formula, Total Cleanse promises that you can break up and remove toxins, raise your energy levels, decrease occasional gas and bloating, look and feel better, burn fat, and gently flush your system. They currently claim that over 500,000 Americans use this product (maybe because they are still unable to cancel their autoship program.) But there is really no other reason that statistic would stand.

What Else Should I Know about Total Cleanse?

Supplement Facts are unavailable for Total Cleanse. This could be for quite a few reasons, all of them bad. Essentially, to sum all of them up, they don’t have any cleansing ingredients or names which even remotely begin to resemble the names of actual cleansing ingredients. So even the average consumer with no knowledge whatsoever of cleansers could tell the difference. Why else would they use a “free trial offer” to make their sales?

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